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About us


Our Mission​

We are an early education center with a stimulation program, art, music and multisensory activities with which children will develop cognitive, social and motor skills. Our work is based on the constructivist approach "learning by doing and learning by playing", our students through play and exploration can develop their intellectual, physical, social and emotional capacities early. reinforcing their autonomy, understanding of the world and critical and creative thinking, all within an environment prepared and inspired by the Montessori Method and modern educational theories, where every corner and object is specially designed to facilitate and encourage the development of all potential. that every baby or child possesses.

Our philosophy

In our center we believe that each child is unique and that the first five years of life are essential for the permanent capacity of children and their development. We specialize in Early Education and child development from 0 to 6 years. Our academic and developmental approach combines different modern educational methods. We mainly base our pedagogy on the Montessori Method, enriched by other modern constructivist techniques, methods and methodologies of Early Education.

Montessori Method

We encourage the child's independence and confidence.

Theory of multiple intelligences

Comprehensive training of the child, strengthening the development of all their abilities, talents,  personality and intellectual potential


Jean Piaget and Vygotsky

Learning is a social activity.

Our history:
In 2017 My Little Genius was born, as a great prproject that will provide the best for the development and education of boys and girls in Panama City.This has been achieved year after year, based on the dedication of the team of founding teachers, who put at the service of this beautiful work all their enthusiasm, dedication and care, their capacity for interpersonal relationships with boys and girls, but above all, their extensive experience and professional training in the area of Education.This is how My Little Genius has positioned itself as an Initial Education Institution that has local facilities, pedagogical processes and fully qualified teaching and service personnel.

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