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Early Stimulation Classes, Mommy & Me

It is a beautiful experience that will help you learn about your child and how to participate and encourage their development while enjoying the simple pleasure of playing together. For 45 minutes in this class, development is promoted through play. Babies and toddlers have the freedom to move at their own pace and explore the structured activities set up.


At a first appointment, an initial evaluation is performed to complete the baby's history. According to the results, the baby is placed within a Development Profile and a Stimulation Program  is developed according to its specific needs.

Groups of 15 children are organized and they work for one hour, one to five times a week. Each work session covers the following areas:

Neurosensory Stimulation: The senses are stimulated through massages, games with textures, temperatures, colors, smells and fun music.

Gross motor stimulation: Develops balance, muscle tone, coordination and mobility, through the application of various techniques and exercises with balls, mats, ramps, stairs and trampolines.

Fine Motor Stimulation: They are a series of exercises for the development of strength, coordination and independence of the fingers of the hand.

Intellectual and language stimulation: It consists of the exhibition of a series of pictures of objects organized by categories, improving attention, memory and communication capacity.

The activities are carried out by a specialist teacher or an occupational therapist, the sessions for children under 1 year old are in the company of their parents or caregivers.

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