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The snotty years

Friday March 8

5:00 pm

Conversation with our allies Dr Mommys,  about colds during the first years and especially when starting school

Directed by Dra Carla Telo, internist and infectious disease specialist.

Proper management of tantrums

Saturday 16

1:00 pm

Tantrums are an intense behavioral and emotional reaction in which the child is overwhelmed because his will is frustrated and he cannot fulfill his desires. We will be talking about what to do and how to act in the face of these episodes.

Directed by Lcda. Carmen Hernández, Educator and by Lcda Victoria Benaroch Educator with studies in psychology and psychoanalysis. 

Creative Snacks


Basic preparations for breakfasts and snacks for children, we will practice some recipes and see others theoretically. By attending the workshop you will get a list of fun foods for children! Because eating healthy doesn't have to be boring. 

During the workshop we will have the guidance of Lcda. Andrea Escorihuela, Nutritionist and CEO of Sabe a Salud. 

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